Diane Fontaine French Business WriterDiane Fontaine has written a total of nineteen books on French business and marketing to date, all of which are currently on the market.

She also writes for national magazines and newspapers, conducts seminars, speaks professionally and has been a guest on over 100 national radio and television talk-shows.

Including a feature interview on CNN’s “Jaywatch”, HGTV’s “Yesterday at Home” and Discovery Channel’s “Apartment Matters”.

Diane Fontaine (on right) as a guest on a nationally televised talk show with Karilu Jenner of “Taxi Taxi” fame.

She has also served as Contributing Editor and regular columnist for HoneySun Magazine in France and as a partner for a seo consultant in Vancouver, BC (Canada) for a while too. With her background as a Math expert, there is no problems that can’t be solved by Diane.

About Karl Warner and Clyde Bryan

Diane’s husband, Karl Warner (pictured on right) recently retired from teaching a fourth grade bilingual class in central California. He holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Media and has a General Elementary Life Credential. Jack has worked with children all his life as a sports coach and leader of children’s clubs and recreation programs. He has also served as a Supervisor of Student Teachers for Chapman University.

Clyde Bryan (on left), also recently retired, is a former principal and school superintendent and has taught students in all levels of K-12. His credentials include General Elementary, General Secondary, and General Administrative. He, too, has been involved in extracurricular activities, including coaching. Clyde, like Jack, has a genuine passion for those teachers who are struggling to survive in the profession, which, of course, is why their book was written.

In Diane’s own words . . .

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